Thursday, October 8, 2009

Faux Silk

Today I will teach you how to make Faux Silk. It is a REALLY EASY technique! The people that I taught how, LOVES it because it is sooo simple & plus it is a FUN way to use up all that wrinkly tissue paper that you have laying around!

1. Cut out the tissue paper a little bit beyond the cardstock that you will be pasting it on.

2. Crinkle the paper.

3. Smooth out. You still want a little bit of a wrinkle to it, as seen her. Set aside. Apply adhesive of your choice over entire piece of cardstock. Spread tissue paper over adhesive. Trim tissue paper.

4.Finish your card.

You can stamp images on tissue paper instead of using per designed tissue paper. You may color the images if necessary but a little hint: color carefully, the ink will bleed through the tissue paper. To make it bold- Use a bold stamp image stamp instead and stamp in colored ink. The ink will run a bit if you use glues stick or liquid glue. It just adds to your project.

Items that I used to make this card:
CTMH Spellbound Stamp C1374
CTMH Black Cardstock 1301
CTMH Autumn Terracotta Cardstock 1270
CTMH Exclusive Inks White Daisy Stamp Pad (Pigment-based) Z2163
CTMH Exclusive Inks Black Stamp Pad Z2105
CTMH Exclusive Inks Cranberry Stamp Pad Z2116
Halloween Tissue Paper that I got at Wal*Mart

I hope you enjoy this technique! If you would like to buy any of the Close To My Heart products that I used here, you may buy them at my CTMH store. Click HERE

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