Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Zhu Zhu Pet

People are going CRAZY over Zhu Zhu Pets & I had no idea what they really were until my sister mentioned them to me the other day. Today I was on a website and my daughter was in the computer room with me and she saw one and she said that she wanted it. (She called it a mouse) So I searched and searched on where I can buy one for the normal price and not one that was marked up. Then I decided to just type in "win a Zhu Zhu pet" in the google search engine. Will there was a few of them & I came across on from They actually have not one but TWO to giveaway!!! I sure hope I will win just ONE of them for my daughter. :o)

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«´¨`·.. ♥Angela ♥..·´¨`»
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